The Source is a safe, easy to use appliance that uses vacuum and gentle warming to extract and concentrate essential oils. Throughout the process, the alcohol is recovered for re-use saving the user a lot of money and paying for itself in a very short time. The fully enclosed, closed-loop system also restricts unwanted odors to almost nothing. Use the Source in combination with Ethanol Extraction to create concentrates, alternative medicine, cooking, cocktails, brewing, winemaking, fragrances, and aromatherapy.
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With all of the endless possibilities we have in regards to herbal remedies, we are lucky to have an incredible wealth of information on how to turn a plant into a tincture and use it as medicine. Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts that have alcohol as the solvent. If you are using water, vinegar, glycerine, or any alternative solvent other than alcohol, your preparation is an extract – not a tincture.


190 Proof Non-Denatured Grain Alcohol

Most Premier Solvent on the Market!

Ethanol Extraction is more than just 190 proof grain alcohol, we back not only our product but also our brand by producing high quality ethanol at the most affordable prices on the market. Designed for creating botanical tinctures, extracting essential oils, and evaporated concentrates. By being a small family owned business we know how to deliver the best product to our customers while giving them the customer support and personalized care they deserve. We offer a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 fluid ounces all the way up to 275 gallons, to best fit the needs of our customers!

To ensure our Ethanol is up to industry standards, we test each batch during multiple stages to maintain a natural and pure solvent. Ethanol Extraction was created with the user in mind to be an all-natural, safe, and efficient alternative to other solvents.



"Product works awesome for medical extraction. I have used other solvents, but noticed a very good quality end product using Ethanol Extraction." - C.M.

"Best alcohol extraction product I have used for extracting oils from herbs and plants. Color, flavor, and smell all improved with this ethanol." - T.K.

"I found the product to be above and beyond in quality compared to the alternatives. I used Ethanol Extraction as a solvent to make marijuana infused tinctures and hash oil. This is my first time using the product but after some research, I chose Ethanol Extraction and so far things are looking good!" - S.B.

"Ethanol Extraction is of the same quality as competitor products and is a better value." - G.W.

"I prefer the cleaner smell your product offers with no residue left behind, a HUGE difference in my end product." - D.J.

"Much nicer than using Everclear. Ethanol is a clean sourced solvent for top quality extracts. Start with the best and cleanest and that's what you end up with." - G.H.

"I love this product for extraction of my cannabis tincture, the quality is great, will purchase more in the future. Thanks!" - D.K.

"Started using this product to make my own perfume and have yet to run into any issues." - A.A.

"I found that the product worked slightly better than Ever Clear and like it better than other solvents; it seemed to get more return of concentrate." - R.L.

"Great customer service, notified me about a delay in shipping before I could call to address the situation. Will continue buying this product." - R.B.

"I love it! I used to use Isopropyl alcohol but I'd rather use something foodsafe instead. I use it to extract essential oils from flowers, fruits, and even scented soap!" - K.H.

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